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Banco de Talentos

Job type: Talent pool

Work model: Remote

Job description

Não encontrou uma vaga com o seu perfil neste momento? Se inscreva em nosso banco de talentos :)

Somos uma empresa Remote First, ou seja, trabalho a distância é o nosso normal – mas, caso esteja em Curitiba, pode optar por um modelo híbrido sem problema algum. De todo modo, todos os processos e ações internas se mantêm 100% remotos, incluindo o processo seletivo, que acontece de forma inteiramente online.

Ah, e aqui temos muita troca de conhecimento, parceria e bons papos, seja nos eventos internos ou happy hours com a turma toda em nosso escritório físico e virtual. Somos um time unido e muito colaborativo, e será um prazer receber você em nosso #teamateliware.

Quer saber um pouco mais sobre nós? Acesse nosso site AQUI.


In the market for over 12 years, we are a software atelier that develops tailor-made digital solutions, customized to attend to our clients' needs.

We are a remote-first company, but we also have our headquarters in Curitiba/PR, in Brazil, which is an option for those interested in a physical workspace and face-to-face meetings. However, if in-person workplace is not your preference, we meet in our virtual office. 😉

Here at Ateliware, we transform and simplify businesses, making a difference from the very first delivery. We have already served Brazilian, North American, and European companies, and we are ready to act globally, always focusing on building the best solution together with the client.

Our design and development experts are specialists in digital products, whether for creating mobile applications (web, hybrid, or native), web, or desktop.

Our team works together from the initial stage, Discovery, where ideas and investments are mapped and validated, through the Product Concept phase, when all aspects of UX and UI are designed, to the Build stage, the moment that we create the backend and frontend.

We have had small and large Brazilian companies as clients, such as Banco Santander, Uninter, Creditas, and Sicoob, as well as global companies like Amazon, Renault, and Trickle. Currently, we are partners of Grupo Votorantim, Agrofel, Uninter and Enersee, among others.

Furthermore, Ateliware worked with three startups from the very beginning: Pipefy, a platform for managing and optimizing work processes that increases agility and efficiency; an e-commerce platform that democratized the creation of online stores, which was incorporated by one of the largest payment methods in Brazil; and Trio, a fintech focused on open banking and open finance.

More than just a software developer supplier, we help clients transform and simplify the business world, with technology as a way, not an end!

If you want to be part of the digital transformation, join our selection process and become part of the #teamateliware!